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Blackacre: noun; A placeholder name of a fictitious estate in land. Used to distinguish from Greenacre, Whiteacre and Brownacre. 

Blackacre Property Buying Agents emerged as a natural extension to our successful parent company, Blackacre Chartered Surveyors & Valuers. Our clients were highly appreciative of our work ethic and attitude in providing a premium level service, even for the smallest of jobs. We now bring the same high-end, client focused service to the property buying and commercial acquisitions sector. 

The team have decades of property experience within London, and have worked up a comprehensive network of people both domestic and international. 
Ben Salvage MRICS
07515 441468
07939 939301
Our Values
At Blackacre we do not agree with simple transactional services. It is our desire to provide expert opinion that sets us apart. 
Hard Work
The Blackacre team live by the ethos of hard work. The only way to get ahead of your competitor is to work harder. 
Personal Service
 We believe in going the extra mile to ensure your end goals are met. We don't agree with the 'just do enough' mentality.
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