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Get access to off market deals, meaning less competition.


Obtain a property at a discount.


Saving you time and hassle we will focus on finding that ideal property which satisfies your requirements.


Blackacre have the knowledge and experience with the local markets. We have in-house RICS Chartered Surveyors who can advise you, mitigating risk and ensuring best value. 


Our experience and knowledge allows us to achieve the best possible price.

Reduce risk

Lower the risk associated with purchasing a property. Each property is thoroughly investigated to make sure it satisfies your requirements and has no unresolved problems.

Local knowledge

Our Directors have grown up and worked in London and Sussex. We would be glad to advise on a location that suits you. 

Ongoing advice / portfolio management

After completion on a purchase. We can assist with property management, resale, and finding tenants, should these services be required. 

Investment strategies

We can assist with advising on suitable asset types that are catered to you risk, budget and goals. Customised to your unique profile or property criteria.

Market Trends 

We can provide up-to-date market insight, advise on the current market activity which will assist with making the important decision making process. This will include changes in demand and supply and investment yields.

Financial and legal assistance

Property buying agents can offer advice on the legal and financial ramifications of real estate investment, including tax ramifications, financing alternatives, and the procedure for selling and purchasing a property. We can also suggest reliable mortgage brokers, solicitors, and other experts who can offer additional assistance.

Blackacre Property | Residential property agents in London

Property Buying Agent

London + Sussex

We act as a property buying agents for prospective residential buyers from international and UK clients.

Mainly focusing on London, we source and acquire on & off market. Our knowledge across the entire purchasing process ensures that prospective buyers are able to acquire the very best for their budget. They are able to utilise our network of specialists and in house expertise of RICS professional services ensuring a seamless transaction.

The time saved by using Blackacre to find properties, is substantial. A Start to Finish package is provided, with full support through the legal and financial process.

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